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Wylde Sacred Feminine


A Safe Space For Women

We are a group of women from around the world who are passionate about empowering, supporting and learning from each other. We have created a caring environment, where we can all chat, make friends and be ourselves, without judgements or expectation. We're all on our own unique and individual journey. But we're on it together!

As women, we have a deep physiological and spiritual connection with the Earth, with creation and with each other. From the beginning of time we have resonated with the natural rhythms of Earth's vibrations, her patterns and cycles. This truth is still valid today and binds us together.

Our busy lives and todays society doesn't always allow us to nurture our innate needs. Often our views, wishes and voices going unheard or misunderstood. This can leave us feeling disconnected from our inner wisdom, our intuitive self and our connection to Mother Earth. 

With my creation of Wylde Space, it was always my intention to create a special space devoted to women where we can all rekindle this connect to each other, mother earth and to ourselves.

If this is what you're seeking - then look no further, you have found us.


We invite you to join us here are the links to our private group's:

Instagram click here 

Insight Timer here

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We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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✧ We welcome all women and those who identify as women.

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