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I would like to share with you a small part of my journey and why I am so passionate about the development of Wylde Space. 

As a child I was extremely spiritual and open to the infinite possibilities of life. As the years passed and I grew older life sent me in different directions. I often lost touch with my essence and I definitely didn't spend enough time nurturing it. Through traumas, conditioning and lack of self belief I stopped trusting my inner voice. I became unwell, exhausted and desperately needed to slow down. Even in knowing this, it still took me several years to begin the journey I am on now. 


My first step took me to the Lakes District, a place surrounded by nature where I felt safe and free to be myself. I thrived in the beginning but once again life events slowly started to push me off track. The years passed and I was left feeling exhausted again but didn't know how to change it, eventually my body told me enough was enough. I had no other choice but to stop and listen.


This took me back to my roots and my innate love of holistic and spiritual therapy. I returned to my early learnings and practices that I had once studied. I rediscovered my journals and the hundreds of links to resources that I had always wanted to read, courses I had taken and new ones I wanted to try. As I started to practice what I was learning I found that I was starting to heal. I knew I still had a long way to go but I knew I was on the right path.


One of my long held dreams was constantly resurfacing. It occupied my daytime and nocturnal thoughts. This dream was a vision of a welcoming space where people could feel safe, a place where they could connect with each other, learn from each other, create together, support one another and heal. It was surrounded by nature somewhere beautiful and wild, a true sanctuary for the mind, body and soul. I had held this dream in my heart for many many years. Several times I travelled searching and hoping I would discover this magical place but I didn’t find it. I knew I needed to create it myself - I didn't have a plan and I didn't have the land but I had a vision in my mind that I had nurtured for a very long time so I started the only way I could - online. Wylde Space was born...


A year into my development of Wylde Space and still very much on my own journey. I was listening to the beautiful Sanskrit mantra "So Hum" (I am That - I am pure awareness or consciousness) . This particular session had a very good explanation of its meaning - it sounded like my intentions for Wylde Space... I had it on repeat all afternoon. I kept listening to the meanings behind it, singing, breathing, repeating the words but not fully focused, more trance-like - I was also working. My thoughts kept drifting from place to place, memories from my childhood, feelings and emotions all surfacing, not intrusive but I was aware of them, then gentle tears began to flood my eyes. I paused and took a moment as they slowly rolled down my face. I started to realise what I had been so desperately searching for all this time (maybe my lifetime) had always been safely living right inside of me and this journey I was on, was taking me home… it was not only teaching me but also reconnecting me to my truest self.

The Present

Although Wylde Space remains my safe space on this sometimes messy journey, my refuge, my little world of escapism, my sanctuary. It is now much more than I could have ever imagined - it's a community of beautiful souls who inspire and teach me every day. People from across the globe contribute to make Wylde Space what it is and I feel so grateful to be a small part of this creation. My heart bursts with each new connection made in hope that Wylde Space and its community will also help them on their unique discovery of self.



The Name

Why Wylde Space? Wylde Space is a 'Space' for everyone, a space you can feel safe. One day a big nudge to the universe, a physical Space.


Wylde - where do I start? This word has many meanings for me but I will give you two. To be inside your own head, can - at times be wild! With our racing thoughts, ideas, daily clutter and trying to find clarity we also need 'Space' (see these words work so well together.) On my own journey, I found peace and healing by stepping outside and reconnecting with nature, the earth, our planet and rediscovering its wildly beautiful ways that nurture and protect us and that lives inside of us all. I found home.

Wild - as in the spelling, of course was not available in the virtual world so it had to be a unique version, which I embrace fully. As individuals we are all 'Wylde and unique' so it stuck!

Our Values 

Our Wylde Space family is global and diverse, we value and support each other. We accept and express our feelings and understand the feelings of others. We don't judge and we have no expectations. We show up for ourselves and for each other.


Healing, spiritual exploration and personal growth are often a big part of the experience at Wylde Space. Seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself, can result in positive emotions, such as peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance. We are here to explore and grow - ever-curious and ever-learning about the world around us, and the world within us. We observe, we listen, we question, we challenge, we seek knowledge, we teach, we create, we push through our boundaries to meet ourselves on the other side. 

Our Planet


We encourage and foster positive interrelationships between planetary health and human actions, choices and well-being.​ We are on a mission to create a more sustainable world and reverse the impact we have had on our planet. 



We try to promote a healthy lifestyle focusing on nourishing our bodies through conscious living and meaningful practices that fill our hearts and calm our minds.

Future Care

We dream beyond our generation. We are planting the seeds for the trees our great grandchildren will harvest from. Every day is an opportunity to learn, share, experiment, and grow. 

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