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Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance for healing, wisdom, and growth. Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals, We work on a deep spiritual level. This is a personal and highly rewarding way to work that can often hi-light areas from your past and present that we need to work on. Helping you release any energetic blocks so you can live with a deeper understanding of yourself, our world and your place within it. Giving you regained confidence and clarity. So that you can move into a better, brighter future. 

Do I Need To Be Religious?

You don’t have to be religious – you just have to be open to deepening your connection with the non-physical part of yourself, your soul. Understanding yourself and your world around you from a spiritual perspective can help you lead a more meaningful life. You may discover that you have a profound purpose and that all of the events in your life have been orchestrated to bring you to your true path. 

Possible Outcomes

Each session is unique and will always be tailored to you however some possible outcomes can be:

  • Gaining wisdom and insight for current and past life issues or challenges. You may also have your own insights during our session or afterwards. Often my sessions can help you re-connect with your own spirit guides and intuition. 

  • Personal Healing - whilst we work together you will naturally start releasing anything that's holding you back. This can happen during our session and for some time after. It's very normal for this release to come out in laughter, tears and in other ways. You may want to talk about the feelings and emotions that surface or I you may wish for me to hold the space for you - I will be intuitively guided by you. I can explain more about this in our discovery call or before we proceed. 

  • Personal growth can happen as you gain clarity, transitions, move past milestones, solidify personal choices, and commit to changes. Personal growth can be creative, unique, and profoundly inspiring and can emerge during a spiritual guidance session.

Spiritual guidance is a deep, personal transformation which requires an open mind and heart. You need to have the willingness to do the work needed on your end as well.

How To Start

If you’re ready to make your aspirations come true, I’ll be honoured to support you on your journey. The first step is to book a free 20-minute discovery call. (below). During this call, we’ll discuss your goals and determine if coaching is the right tool for you at this time.

Please note: Our sessions take place on the phone and online. They are conducted in a conversational, low-key format. There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance spiritual guidance sessions. In fact, there is often a deeper connection. This is because interaction by voice and energy is often stronger without the distraction of the physical. 


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