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Awaken Your Higher Self


Using Shamanic Wisdom, Tools, Rituals and Art Therapy for Harmony and Alignment.


This is a unique combination of Shamanic wisdom, therapeutic art and life coaching techniques to help you create more harmony, balance and joy in your daily life. So that you can heal and reach your potential by reconnecting to your roots and awaken your higher self. 

How It Works

I have created this course to guide your on a journey into yourself using creative art and rituals that have been used for thousands of years to create greater harmony, health and wellbeing. Shamanism is based on ancient indigenous cultures and tribes from around the world, including medicine people, healers, herbalists, storytellers and artisans. You will integrate your whole self - mind, body and spirit - to restore balance so you can remember your birth song, that is calling you to live life fully, as your true authentic self. 

What You’ll Learn


  • Therapeutic art activities, including visual, meditative, sacred, and manifestation art that pull from the ancient wisdom of Shamanism.

  • How to create Shamanic tools and practice Shamanic rituals that will support your continued growth and evolution.

  • How to use sound healing, mantras and Shamanic dance to help you shift emotional energy and raise your frequency.

  • How to create sacred space or/and office environment so that you can work at your best and create an environment for clarity, peace and success. 

  • How to restore your connection to nature through developing an understanding of the cycles of nature, as well as the elements, the chakra system, animal wisdom, stones and crystals, mantras, dance and more.

  • The meaning behind rituals and tools, such as animal totems, sound healing, mantras, dance, the cycles of nature, the 4 elements, the chakra system.

  • You’ll develop and understanding of the power of symbolism to unlock the potential of the human mind and use these tools and rituals to help yourself surrender limiting beliefs and create a vibrant life that is filled with gratitude and purpose.

  • How to use Shamanic art therapy techniques to help you create greater harmony, health and wellbeing

  • How to use Shamanic art therapy techniques, tools and rituals to help you restore your connection to nature and your higher self which includes creating a totem card deck, smudging, sacred scrolls, and a surrender box.



Requirements Or Prerequisites

No artistic ability is required. The tools and techniques taught in this course use simple, inexpensive materials that you can normally find around your house. Art supplies can be used a supplies list will be provided.

Who This Course Is For

  • Anyone who wants to learn new ways to express yourself and create more harmony, balance and joy in your daily lives

  • Healers, therapists or spiritual practitioners who want to add the wisdom of Shamanism and Shamanic art therapy techniques to their practice

  • If you like to have a structure and to follow a step-by-step system with proven results

How To Start

This course is taken online in your own time - you can start straight away. This course is coming soon please look at our full selection of courses below. 

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