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Yoga for Women: Restoring Harmony and Balance in Life with Sakura

The practice of yoga, initially exclusive to men, underwent a significant shift in the early 1900s when women began to embrace it. Indra Devi, an influential figure, dedicated her life to teaching yoga for seven decades and spreading its reach across five continents. This transformation marked the advent of yoga as a tool for women to enhance their lives, extending its influence to their homes and workplaces and eventually making it an international phenomenon.

In today's world, women constantly juggle numerous responsibilities, such as managing households, caring for their families, and excelling in their careers. These commitments often lead to stress and anxiety, indicating the overwhelming nature of their lives. Yoga provides a means to address these challenges and improve various aspects of life while fostering self-care. As women transition through different stages, from adolescence to adulthood, from menopause to old age, yoga can be adapted to accommodate their individual needs, age, and physical condition.

Menopause, in particular, brings its own set of emotional and physical changes. Neglecting the body during this stage may lead to feelings of melancholy and depression, as the realisation of aging and the potential onset of health issues like osteoporosis loom. Engaging in yoga during menopause acts as a catalyst for self-improvement, promoting optimism and a proactive approach towards well-being.

Women in their childbearing years often find themselves disconnected from their natural cycles. Yoga serves as a means to reconnect with oneself and regain harmony with these rhythms. Many women discover yoga during pregnancy, a highly opportune time to embark on the practice. Regular yoga practice during pregnancy has been shown to reduce labor duration and lower the risk of caesarean sections. By prioritising self-care, women improve their own well-being, leading to enhanced relationships with those around them.

In the midst of a historical period where disconnection is prevalent, the practice of yoga offers a pathway to rediscovering harmony and balance within oneself and with the natural world. By embracing yoga, women can find solace and a sense of unity amidst the challenges they face, fostering a deep connection to their own inner selves and their innate nature.

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