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Yoga and Arthritis: Empowering Wellness and Resilience with Sakura

Arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joints (and not only) whose cause is unknown. It is a very common pathology among women of different ages, sometimes even in children.

Arthritis inflammation can also cause deformation of the joints, compromising the ability to carry out the simplest daily actions. Various types are known, often influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Usually, this pathology is accompanied by pain, swelling, stiffness in the joints, sometimes fever or chills.

Most people, after being diagnosed, believe there is nothing they can do to improve their condition. It really is a debilitating pathology on a physical and mental level!

After my diagnosis five years ago I felt lost too... but I couldn’t give up! And it was yoga that made the difference. Yoga doesn’t have an aggressive impact, so you can “settle” into a position according to your physical possibilities.

Furthermore, asanas promote physical well-being by increasing strength, flexibility, resistance and with constant practice, even pain tends to decrease. Mindfulness, pranayama, relaxation and meditation practices help to have greater awareness of one’s body, improve mood, decrease anxiety and depression, promote resilience, help to accept one’s limits and take better care of oneself. All of this certainly has a fundamental impact on the lives of people affected by this chronic disease.

But is there a way to prevent arthritis? As always, a healthy lifestyle, an adequate diet and staying active are recommended. In this regard, we must mention the fundamental role of Ayurveda, sister of yoga, which considers individuals in their entirety and on the basis of their peculiar psycho-physical characteristics. Therefore, it can help in creating a diet, exercises and remedies according to the specific pathology. In short, when we find ourselves faced with a diagnosis of this kind, we fight with the weapons we have at our disposal... first of all determination!


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