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What Are Biorhythms?

According to the principles of biorhythm, the life of an individual is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles, which affect one's skill in different fields, such as mental, physical, and emotional activity.

We arrive in the world from birth with an unseen life journey connected to us. While some of us are in-tune with our life path and continue to attain limitless success, love, and happiness. Sadly, most of us deviate from this path and can not find our way back.

In the 19th century, the theory called biorhythms emerged and became popular. The approach that a person's life is on a loop and focused on biorhythms. People can measure and graph their cycles using mathematical formulas, thereby deciding which are good days and bad days.

It is possible to break down biorhythms into three cycles: the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual. Some also go deeper to look at the cycles of spirit, aesthetics, and intuition.

A span of 23 days follows the physical cycle and focuses on endurance, wellness, and strength.

A 28-day duration follows the emotional cycle and is linked to imagination, feelings, and intuition.

Finally, the intellectual period lasts for 33 days and is related to thought, decision, and attention.

The biorhythm chart is a strong instrument to show you what the future will hold for you as simply a day and how to embrace more.

Physical cycle

Monitors influence, cooperation, and well-being. This will let you know the best days to do endurance sports when to rest or stop.

Emotional cycle

It tracks sensitivity, mood, imagination, memory, and perception. It will alert you when it might be irritable, negative, or too emotional for you.

Intellectual cycle

Logical and critical thinking, alertness, memory, and communication are tracked. It will tell you the best days to learn something new or simply to concentrate on learning and thinking ... Or even when important decisions can be made.

Now that you know some of the basics, let's figure out how to measure biorhythms.

To begin with, they are centered on sine waves, which are curves that oscillate. It has to do with three formulas: the physical cycle, the emotional cycle, and the intellectual cycle. As you can see, all is determined by finding the sin of 2pi divided in each cycle by the respective number of days (23, 28, and 33.), all multiplied by t. For all the formulas, t reflects the number of days you have been alive.

You need to apply the following to evaluate a "t"

  • Your age * 365

  • The number of leap days (from the moment you were born until now) and

  • The number of days since your last Birthday passed.

Physical: y = sin (2pi/23 t)

Emotional: y = sin (2pi/28 t)

Intellectual: y = sin (2pi/33 t)

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