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Understanding Yourself as a Whole Self

Sometimes we see ourselves as just one aspect. However, another way to picture it is that we are made up of different parts coming together to make our Whole Self.


Your actual body, both the external visible part and the internal organs and systems such as the nervous system, cardio-vascular system, respiratory system, etc.


Your thoughts, your mind. This is the part of the Whole Self that takes in information; knowledge. There are 3 parts to the mind that are commonly identified.

• Subconscious- made up of our past learning, traumas, experiences, beliefs, fears, upbringing

• Conscious- our “awake mind”, the part you are listening with right now

• Superconscious- our intuition, our creative mind, visions, inner voice, your inspirations and epiphanies.

Often, we are thinking things and making decisions in our Conscious mind, but in reality our Subconscious is running the show. The good news is we can use our Conscious awareness to change our subconscious beliefs and open up to listening to our Intuitive Mind or Superconscious more easily and clearly!


Your feelings and Emotional State. All feelings/emotions are perfectly fine to have, and all feelings and emotions are just information. Feelings come and go all day long, like ocean waves moving in and out all day. Our Emotional State is like the undercurrent pulling us in a particular direction. There are only a few Emotional States; Anxious/Fearful, Depressed/Sad, Angry/Hurt, and Joyful/Peaceful/Content. Someone who has a Anxious/Fearful Emotional State might notice happiness or excitement at times, however may realize that their dominate feelings are ones of anxiety, worry or fear. Our Emotional State is always changeable, but first we must look at our feelings as information, and see what they are telling us, how they are guiding us.


Your “Inner Voice”, “gut feeling”, “Divine Guidance”, this is the part of you that knows the best path for you, and as we get quiet we can listen more fully to this aspect of our self for guidance.


Your Inner and Outer Aura, the chakra system is your energetic self. We have chakras all around our physical body. In many cultures, chakras are considered as an integral part of indigenous healing rituals. The Inner Aura is right around the body, and the Outer Aura or Energy Egg is like a egg or a disco ball around the Whole Self, and truly the outer layer of the Whole Self. Consider that when you enter a room, it is your energetic self that “reads the room” and picks up on cues from other’s energy bodies.


Your Voice; how you express yourself in the world, your gifts, talents and passions.

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