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The Biker's Path to Self-Care: Written by Liz Wilde

Is self care bubble-baths and sparkles... for some it defiantly is, however for myself and many more, its our bikes! Tinkering with our bikes, polishing bikes, loving our bikes. Riding our bikes and meeting other bikers.

You may be wondering why? Well simply its because that machine is our pride and joy. It is our freedom from the rat-race, the complete opposite of our daily lives, escaping mundane daily routine and an avalanche of worldly pressures.

The next time you need to take off and escape, DO IT!

Feel your lifeblood roar through you as that machine picks up energy and speed, feel your heart beat in time as the blood roars into every part of you. As you settle to the ride with no real destination, feel the freedom, the sun or rain, the wind as your mind quietens and you become one with your machine. Take that time out to be on the road with no other care than the bike between your legs, the noise of the engine and the wind in your face. Lose yourself to the world and find yourself within.

I don't ride to win races, nor to get places. I ride to escape this crazy world. I ride to find peace within myself, to find serenity, and to feel free. This is why I ride.

We all need Self Care and I learnt a very important thing!

Self care is about what you want, what you need to make you happy, relaxed and in control of you. I've struggled with self care over the years because bubble baths and sparkles aren't my thing. I thought going out riding was avoidance, selfish, so many times I've wanted to just ride and felt NO you have to do A, B AND C... No We Don't... We Need to Ride

I can get my Trike, get on my Trike and go.... wherever I want, to have that sense of freedom, of flying with my Soul and Spirit, to feel my blood race and heart beat, then I know Im alive. To have the Peace and space to think, appreciate and draw in all that lovely 'something', non us have yet found the words to describe, a deep root primal emotion? Love? Freedom? Peace? Self care for bikers are all those thing and more...

Ride my brothers and sisters, Ride... Its SELF CARE

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