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Meditation: Nurturing the Mind and Discovering Inner Cleansing with Sakura

Have you ever returned home after a long absence, only to find it dusty and some appliances broken? It's no wonder... it's exactly what happens to our minds when we neglect to care for and attend to them. Have you ever wondered why we invest so much time and money in caring for our bodies, yet seldom prioritize the well-being of our minds? Yet, it is our mental well-being that requires the most attention, simply because everything starts from there.

Meditation allows us to do inner cleansing, observe our true self and at the same time nourish the mind. Initially I must admit that it is not always easy at first, but as they say, "Well begun is half done."

To begin, we may concentrate on observing the flame of a burning candle. Our minds naturally gravitate towards observing anything that moves, much like our thoughts that sometimes seem wild when we attempt to control them. However, contrary to what many may suggest, the flow of thoughts should not be blocked; rather, it should be observed without judgment. We let our thoughts flow freely, just like clouds in a clear sky. If we find it challenging, we gently bring our mental attention back to the flame or the slow, gentle rhythm of our breath.

There are various types of meditation, but in essence, the most effective one is the one that we can practice without too much difficulty. Meditation is the moment when we truly realize that we are alive. Throughout the day, work, worries, and problems suffocate us. So why not choose to enhance our lives by embracing the feeling of being alive every single day?

This small act of "attention" brings forth numerous benefits when we approach it with goodwill and perseverance, dedicating ourselves to it every single day. However, if it feels overwhelming at the beginning, we don't need to impose or force anything. We can start with just a few minutes-a few minutes that will positively transform our lives. And gradually, you will see that "the appetite comes with eating." Good practice!

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