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Meditation Journaling with Sakura

As a child I used to write down what happened in my day in a diary and this practice has been going on for years. Then various situations distracted me, but I now bring back my love for writing in my articles.

Keeping a meditation journal (as well as a gratitude journal) helps us to be constant in the practice, get to know each other better and reflect on our path. It’s not always that simple to get used to something new, but the fact of knowing that this new habit brings many benefits is, I think, an excellent stimulus and a valid motivation to start.

A diary can be of support to our daily practice in order not to lose sight of our goals, progress or simply to note the sensations and emotions after the practice. Re-reading we could see a substantial and progressive change over time and this will make us want to go on. This will also positively influence our daily life… so why not spend a few minutes of our time on something useful and important to us?

Through the diary we can also become more aware of our weaknesses and our strengths and understand which aspects we need to work more to improve. The diary shouldn’t be a judgment tool but a rewarding, positive, fun experience. It doesn’t matter if we write a sentence, a text or a few words, it is important to do it to understand our inner life more deeply and this will help us progress day after day.

Knowing ourselves means being better people.  So… when do we start writing the first page?

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