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Healing Your Heart Space

Your heart space is a place of pure love and acceptance within you where healing for yourself and others takes place.

Holding heart space in your life happens through nurturing love in what you choose to witness, listen to and become, and happens when you are aligned with your values. Only when your heart space is open can you have a full heart of love, joy, and gratitude.

Are you struggling to open your heart space and accept love, happiness and joy into your life. Do you feel sadness, guilt, anger, or loss ?

By following these simple steps you can start to heal your own heart space so you can invite love, gratitude, and happiness into your heart again.

Steps To Heal Your Heart Space

  • Calm And Ground Yourself: Find a quiet place where you feel safe and take a few deep belly breaths, so you can be present, think clearly, and be centered in your truth.

  • Identify Your Pain Points: Now that you have a clear mind, look back and pinpoint exactly what event or person caused you to begin feeling this way. Does it extend beyond this person or event? Without knowing the cause of your pain, you won’t be able to fix it.

  • Speak Your Truth: Keeping the fear and pain bottled up will only give it more power over you. Tell your story and speak your truth to loved ones who will listen, or you can write about it. As long as you are getting it out of you, you are moving in the right direction.

  • Care for Yourself: Bathe yourself in self-love every day and praise yourself for any accomplishment, no matter how small. Do things that feed your soul and make you happy. Get plenty of sleep and eat nourishing whole foods.

  • Open Your Heart: As the pain gets released, you can begin to fill your heart with love, feelings of gratitude, and whatever makes your heart happy. Work to let go of every bit of guilt or anger you are still holding in your heart by doing things that bring you joy and surround yourself with uplifting people you love and will love you in return.

To allow joy into your heart, you must be able to process, tell your story, and make peace with the cause of your pain. If you need guidance and support whilst working on yourself I offer services that may help you on your healing journey. Please contact me or book a free discovery call to see how I can help.

Reference: Avalon Malibu

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