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At Wylde Space, we provide a range of services and communication, including email and website content (, designed to help you identify any obstacles in your life and thought patterns. However, it is important to note that our coaching, guidance, and support services are not a substitute for professional mental health or medical care.

If you are experiencing significant psychological distress that hinders your daily functioning, we encourage you to seek the assistance of a qualified counselor or therapist. While coaching can complement therapy, it is essential to recognize that coaching is not a solution for mental health guidance or medical advice, which should be provided by trained psychologists, psychiatrists, or medical doctors.

By participating in any of the services offered through our website, including support, guidance, coaching, articles, courses, emails, chats, and calls, you acknowledge that we are not licensed psychologists or healthcare professionals. Our services do not replace the care provided by psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Coaching is not a substitute for psychological counseling, therapy, or medical advice.

Rest assured, we always strive to offer our best professional efforts, skills, and care. However, we cannot guarantee the outcomes of our services, guidance, coaching efforts, and recommendations. Please understand that our opinions are based on our professional expertise.

Remember, seeking appropriate professional help is essential when facing significant psychological challenges. Our services are intended to provide additional support, but they are not a substitute for professional mental health or medical care.

Trauma Informed Care

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