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Lizzie Elliot-Klein

Nature Connection Guide

Lizzie is a nature connection guide, EcoNIDRA teacher, poet, artist, and outdoor practitioner with over 10 years of experience in environmental education, conservation, well-being, and nature advocacy. She is passionate about helping people develop a deeper connection with the natural world and works both locally and globally online to offer spaces, tools, and support for people to discover their unique connection to nature.

Lizzie's vision is for every human to develop a strong, nurturing connection with nature. She achieves this by working in a trauma-informed way, offering subsidized spaces, and making adjustments as needed. She is committed to inspiring others to find inspiration, wisdom, and comfort in the living world. For Lizzie, nature is not just an inspiration, teacher, and healer, but an essential aspect of our well-being and survival.

Lizzie Elliot-Klein
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